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1L Law School Flowcharts

Make studying for your first law school exam easier by using these 1L midterm flowcharts created by a law student!

Flowcharts are love, flowcharts are life.

— Me, a visual learner

…which is why I’d like to share these 1L law school flowcharts that I made for my 1L midterm. I hope it helps take off some of the stress that comes with writing your first law school exam!


I make no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, or timeliness of these flowcharts. Any reliance you place on them is strictly at your own risk.

The law is constantly changing (it also varies from one location to another and I’m from Edmonton, Alberta so the rules cited in these flowcharts may not apply in your jurisdiction). Plus, every school/course/law professor is different…so keep in mind that there may be information missing from these flowcharts and the concepts included in them may or may not be what you learned or may or may not be presented in the exact same way you learned them. Feel free to use them as an aid to studying but please be aware of the risks of using someone else’s study materials.

Happy studying and good luck with those exams!