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LSAT Study Planner (free printable in Letter and A4 size)

Prepare for the LSAT with this FREE printable LSAT study planner designed to help you create a comprehensive study plan to crush the exam!

Studying for the LSAT can be overwhelming. I know at first, I didn’t even know where to begin. This LSAT study planner is designed to help you figure out just that and more. Use it to create a comprehensive study plan that will prepare you to crush the LSAT!

About This Planner

The LSAT Study Planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly pages. The daily page allows you to plan out your day using time blocks between 5 am to 10 pm. It also includes a priority list to help you focus on which study tasks matter most and has spaces for “to do’s” and notes. The weekly page breaks down the days of the week to give you a weekly overview of your study schedule along with a block for notes. The monthly page includes a calendar where you can create a monthly schedule in preparation for the LSAT Exam. It also has an action items checklist and space for notes to ensure you’re being productive, reflecting on what works and what doesn’t, and well on your way to reaching your study goals.

Download Your Free Study Planner PDF Below ↓↓↓

Planner Letter Size

A4 Size

Planner Sample


  • Print out as many pages as you’d like or import them into a PDF annotation app like GoodNotes to use digitally
  • Try your best to stick with the schedule – consistency is key!
  • Start broad—plan your month first using the monthly planner then plan your week then your day (get more detailed as you work your way through)
  • Study months in advance, there’s a lot of material to cover and the LSAT is not just any exam. It’s meant to change the way you think and that takes time so make sure to plan ahead and study early.
  • Use the study planner to supplement your LSAT PrepCourse – 7Sage, Powerscore, Khan Academy – whatever that may be

I hope this is useful. Happy studying! And if you have any trouble downloading the planners or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out 🙂